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MyBoard_Logo_186.jpgOnce you join MyBoard, you now have a like minded group of peers dedicated to assisting you improve your business; your own Business Advisory Board. Like a Board of Directors they will keep you focussed on what's important, provide advice from real world experience, help solve challenges, open your eyes to new ideas and opportunities and importantly hold you accountable to do what you need to get done.


There is no shortage of information, seminars, courses and programmes on what to do in business....with many offering 'silver bullets' to transform your business or achieve roaring success overnight! Mush is promised but in the real life world you operate your business within results often fall short!


The knowledge, advice and support you receive from your MyBoard is based on experience and proven to work; MyBoard meetings...

  • Provide a structure that ensures you remain focussed on the right things
  • Good advice that can be practically used in your business (& life)
  • The accountability & support of peers to ensure you actually do what's needed to be done to get the results you need or desire.

MyBoard is the missing element that ensures you will GET RESULTS


Where are wanting to go?
The first step before joining your MyBoard group is to prepare your 12 month goals and plan. We start with the end in mind:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want the business to be? And yourself personally?
  • What needs to be done to get you there!

Your Annual Plan forms the basis upon for ensuring you stay focussed and each month, week and day take small steps needed to move your towards achieving your goals, so you are 'truly working on your business' and get your business working the way you want and reaching the heights desired.

MyBoard Meetings

Groups meet monthly for half a day one afternoon. All meetings are structured, and have an agenda that is stuck to, which the meetings are purposeful and results are archived for each member. Meetings are conducted in an environment of confidentiality, mutual support and collaboration. Each group is expertly facilitated by an experienced business consultant.

The Agenda follows a set format

  • On arrival there is time to catch up and chat with your MyBoard group members.
  • As a group we learn something new in the 'inSight' slot, about a business topic
  • The 'HotSeat' slot is all about you and your business. Each member has dedicated time to access the wisdom of the group by bringing to the table any issues or challenges, or ideas. Your peers will ask questions, challenge your thinking, offer advice on what's worked for them... and from this process your will gain clarity and focus to move forward
  • Each member holds each other to achieving their goals - 'Top 5'. Goals are tracked and recorded, and when goals are not met the group is there to motivate and assist you get things done!
  • Its not all about business at the end of each meeting we take some time to get to know each other better socially
  • We check in with each other between meetings to ensure we are on track.

Your skills, knowledge and experience is needed in a group near you ....

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