Business Owner Advisory Boards

MyBoard - Is it for me?

Your skills, experience, knowledge are needed in a MyBoard Group.

As a business owner – small or large – new or long established; you bring to a MyBoard Group a wealth of experience which adds to the collective wisdom of the group.
Each MyBoard Group is made of business in non-competing industries and of a mix of members so to create a dynamic, vibrant, collaborative and challenging environment that supports you achieve the success you desire for your business and life.

The wisdom of the group

The mix of the members, business, operating in differing industries and real world experience of group members, combined with structure and focus of everyone collaborating to assist each other succeed is what allows MyBoard Groups to deliver results for participants far in excess of what each individual could potentially achieve on their own.

Good business made even better

One thing business owners have in common for joining a MyBoard Group is that they have the desire improve their business; to make their businesses work even better than it does currently - work the way it should or could – deliver for its owners.
Specific reasons maybe that the business needs to...

  • Deliver more money to its owners
  • Not be so all consuming of your time
  • Operate way smoother with less drama and stress
  • Be that you control the business it doesn't control you
  • Conquer challenges of staying sustainable, staff, remaining relevant in the marketplace, growth...

Most business are already good businesses – with the assistance and support of your MyBoard Group you can make a good business GREAT!

How we select members for a MyBoard Group

We carefully manage the makeup of MyBoard Groups, so that the Groups delivers results for each Group member.

When selecting members for a MyBoard Group so that we that create a vibrant, challenging and productive environment for members we consider factors such as

  • We ensure there are no businesses from competing industries in the group
  • Gender mix
  • Members business experience, skills
  • Size, complexity of the business
  • Stage of business in business lifecycle - new business or established business
  • Members are Business Owners – key decision maker in their businesses

Groups will contain business owners from many different industries; retailing, trade, manufacturing, professional adds to the wealth of experience and knowledge each business owner brings to the group.

Your skills, knowledge and experience is needed in a group near you ....

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Grow your network of people to assist you to succeed!



Over time the network of your fellow MyBoard Group members, becomes your network.

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