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 December 2016

Summer Holidays . . . . .Time to Relax, Refresh & Recharge

 All the advice tells us: Regular holiday breaks allow us to: Reduce Stress, Be healthier, Happier, Improve Productivity, Be more creative, Open you up to New ideas… Improve yourself & relationships!

 Holidays for Business Owners……HOW TO MAKE WORK IN PRACTICE!

(No paid holidays….no one to cover for you…..customers’ demands….I might as well be working!)



 “PLAN A PRODUCTIVE Holiday”!?!          How?


1: Define Success

  • Isn’t just relaxing enough?  Maybe….
  • You have Goals, Targets, and KPI’s for your business….
  • A successful holiday is…? Time with kids, Catch up with reading, Reconnect with spouse… etc.
  • Prioritise Goals… Specific Actions to achieve…family dinner every night!


 2: Connections

  • Work & life are intermingled … lines are blurred… 24/7….
  • Realistic to unplug, disconnect…don’t check email?
  • Leverage connections…build real, meaningful, genuine relationships with business contacts & “friends”(those you enjoy spending time with)


3: Back to work

  • Plan your re-entry!
  • Allow a “Catch-up” day on first day back
  • Be productive…realizing time will be spent on emails, calls etc
  • Don’t over schedule, be wrong frame of mind – allow first day / week back to negate the positive effects of your holiday.
  • Enjoy being back! 


Murray Dempsey