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Our Difference

The services we provide are responsive to the ‘real’ needs of the businesses’ and business owners we work with.

We don’t blindly sell you what we do or a process we have to do it.

Instead from listening to you and understanding what is really needed to add real value to your business we can then 'bring to the table' the skills and capability to work with you to deliver you real results and outcomes.

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Good> Great> World Class

Getting your business to work the way that you want it to work, deliver the results you need or desire starts with change of attitude and the development of a new set of habits.

The difference between an amateur and professional sportsman is not that the professional does everything perfectly - it is that they identify as a professional and build into what they do the habits of a professional sportsman.

Accepting your business can be WorldClass is the start from which we can assist turn to reality.

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Business success is hard enough - don't make it harder by trying to do it alone.


The wisdom, support, knowledge, accountability of the group - joining a MyBoard group is an investment in your success and the success of your business.

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What we do

Based on our depth of understanding the fundamentals shared by high performing businesses, we add genuine value to your business by;

Identifying the ‘real needs’ to unlock blockages / release the potential of your business

Symptoms are obvious, the root causes are often hard to identify, elusive & often unseen by those too involved in the business. Together we determine whats needed to achieve your goals and develop the improvement plan.


Working together we work the plan to address the ‘real needs’ and add genuine value

Let's Chat

NO OBLIGATION meeting over a coffee.

At this meeting we listen to you, ask questions to pinpoint the major issues and determine if and where we can add value to you or your business.

If we can't add value then we will tell you. If we agree we can add genuine value to your business then we can talk more. Either way we will both benefit from meeting.

Call us 021 639 994 or drop us an email and we will call you.

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Murray Dempsey

Principal insightconsulting.co.nz

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The wisdom, support, knowledge, accountability of the group - is an investment in the success of you and your business.